ECE 412

Electric Motor Drives with Lab

Instructor: Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Course Meetings: TR 10:00 – 11:15 AM

Location: Siegel Hall, SH 204

Office Hours: TR 11:30 – 12:30 AM

Teaching Assistant: Geng Niu

Office Hours and Location: to be announced

Course Purpose: The purpose of this course is to present the basic principles of electric motor drives. Techniques to select proper electric motors for different applications based on the characteristics of the machines are also established. Furthermore, designing the suitable power electronic converters and their controllers for industrial drives are presented. Drives for induction motors, brushless DC, switched reluctance, and electronic low-power motors are explained. In addition, some examples in home appliances, electronic drives, advanced vehicles, cordless drives, and industrial automation systems are presented.

Course description: Fundamentals of electric motor drives are studied. Applications of semiconductor switching circuits to adjustable speed drives, robotics, and traction applications are explored. Selection of motors and drives, calculating the ratings, speed control, position control, starting, and braking are also covered. Simulation mini-projects and lab experiments are based on the lectures given.