Electric Power and Power Electronics Center (EPPEC)


The Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) has long maintained high quality education and research programs in electric power and energy systems. The mission of the Electric Power and Power Electronics Center (EPPEC) is to make significant educational, research, and practical contributions to the fields of electric power, power electronics, electric machines, motor drives, and vehicular power systems. The tasks of the Center include the sponsorship of technical studies, which will enhance the role of university faculty, manufacturers, vendors, and consumers in power engineering research and education. The Center works with centers and departments across IIT, other institutions, government agencies, and industry to sponsor research projects, short courses, conferences, and seminars.

EPPEC is a leading academic facility to address the pertinent national and international needs for developing hardware and software technologies for electric power and power electronic engineering applications. The Center seeks federal support and industrial memberships to leverage the existing federal and private research funding at IIT. EPPEC sustains and strengthens the engineering capabilities and research infrastructure at IIT and has a commanding influence on the field of power engineering nationally and internationally through its extensive collaborative and interactive programs.