Formula SAE Garage

IIT Formula Electric Race Car

The Formula SAE project at Illinois Tech gives students hands-on experience designing and fabricating electrical and mechanical automotive systems. From an industry standpoint, petroleum prices continue to rise every year and consumers are hard pressed to find alternatives to their gasoline-hungry vehicles. Through this project, students explore and develop the same cutting-edge automotive technology that will be making its way into many markets in the next few years. With the backing of friends and sponsors, it is the goal of this project to hope to expand hybrid-electric vehicle technology and pave a way for a greener future for consumers and racers alike.

Our start-up plan with the Formula Hybrid cars has been to build a new car from the ground up each year and optimize it to compete the following year for a competition cycle of two years per vehicle. That means that we have brought two cars to the competition each year, one with competition experience and the other being completely new. This has allowed us rapid experimentation with new technologies, while at the same time improving on existing designs and really utilizing experienced gained through competition. Tomahawk Thunder Hawk Hammer Hawk Scarlet Hawk Red Rocket

In the history of our program, we have retired three competition vehicles thus far: Hammer Hawk, Scarlet Hawk and Red Rocket. Red Rocket is a series hybrid we brought to the inaugural competition in 2007 as only one of eight teams. In 2008, Scarlet Hawk celebrated its debut with a 3rd place finish and one of two teams to finish the endurance event. In 2010, Hammer Hawk won one of the most prestigious adwards - the 2010 1st Place GM Best Engineered Hybrid Systems Award.

Most recently in 2014, Tomahawk won several coveted awards in the Formula Hybrid competition, including the Fiat Chrysler Innovation award, third prize in the GM Best Hybrid Engineered System award and second prize in the overall design category.

Two cars are currently active- Thunder Hawk and the newest car- Tomahawk. Both these cars are Electric Vehicles with a significant reduction in weight. While the Hammer Hawk was over 800 lbs heavy, Thunder Hawk was about 600 lbs. Tomahawk has been designed to weigh about 400 lbs.

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