mahesh krishnamurthy

Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy
Associate Professor, ECE Department
Phone: (312)567-7232
E-mail: kmahesh@ece.iit.edu

Graduate Students

fei shang Fei Shang
Ph.D. Student
Phone: (312)888-5718
E-mail: fshang2@hawk.iit.edu
Resume: Click here

Interests: Application of Wide Bandgap device in traction motor inverters for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles; Application of power electronics in automotive and renewable Energy systems.

alejandro pozo Alejandro Pozo
Ph.D. Student
Phone: (312)927-2807
E-mail: apozo87@gmail.com
Resume: Click here

Interests: Wide BandGap Semiconductor Devices and Applications for Electric Motor Drives or Power conversion; Implementation of adjustable speed drives control strategies and topologies; Efficient integration of renewable energies in the power system.

geng niu Geng Niu
Ph.D. Student
Phone: (312)823-4520
E-mail: gniu@hawk.iit.edu
Resume: Click here

Interests: Electric and hybrid electric vehicle drivetrain; Electric-hydraulic drivetrains for city vehicle; Power electronics in renewable energy systems.

selin-yaman Selin Yaman
Ph.D. Student
E-mail: syaman@hawk.iit.edu

Interests: Power electronics and motor drives; Development of modern control concepts for emerging applications.

Frank La Marca Frank La Marca
Grainger Fellow, M.S. student
Phone: (847)271-5949
E-mail: flamarca@hawk.iit.edu
Resume: Click here

Interests: Electric/Hybrid Drivetrains for automotive purposes, Electric-hydraulic hybrid type vehicles, Fully Electric Formula style SAE race cars.

Mohamad Salameh Mohamad Salameh
AllCell Fellow, M.S. student
Phone: (708)571-6245
E-mail: msalame1@hawk.iit.edu
Resume: Click here

Interests: Energy Storage in automotive and micro-grid systems, Power electronics and motor drive systems.


PhD Graduates

  1. Dr. Berker Bilgin, Dissertation title: "A Novel Switched Reluctance Motor based Propulsion Drive for Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles", June 2011.
    Currently with McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada

  2. Dr. Yao Da, Dissertation title: "Novel Fault Diagnostic Technique and universal sensor for permanent magnet electric machines using search coils", March 2012.
    Currently with Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, WI, USA.

  3. Dr. Xiaodong Shi, Dissertation title: "Survivable operation of three-phase AC Drives in wind generator systems", April 2012.
    Currently with Mercedes Benz R&D, Redford, MI, USA.

  4. Dr. Zhi Yang, Dissertation title: "Vibration Analysis in Traction Motors for HEVs and PHEVs", October 2014.
    Currently with General Electric, Florence, SC, USA.

  5. Dr. Yong Jiang, Dissertation title: "Optimal Design of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Based on Magnetic Field Distribution Assessment and Performance Analysis", February 2015.
    Currently with Electrocraft, Dover, NH, USA.

MS Graduates

  1. Jiazheng Wang, Thesis title: "An efficient energy harvesting system from wastewater in buildings and city sewer systems", June 2010.

  2. Yong Jiang, Thesis title: "Electromagnetic assessment of force distribution for vector controlled strategy in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors", June 2010.

  3. Emilio Dal Santo, Thesis title: "Controller design for a Universal Input Bi-directional Battery Charger for Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles", June 2010.

  4. Yizhe Liu, Thesis title: "Development of an embedded controller for BLDC Drive control in HEVs and PHEVs", June 2011.

  5. Ruoyu Hou, Thesis title: "Design and development of a Novel Power-assist wheelchair", April 2012.

  6. Matthew Bloom, Thesis title: "Wireless power transmission for Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles", April 2012.

  7. Yijiang Jia, Thesis title: "Numerical modeling of a 6/10 switched reluctance machine", April 2012.

  8. Ran Gu, Thesis title: "Evaluation of a novel hydro-generator for microgrid applications", April 2012.

  9. Jing Guo, Thesis title: "Doubly-Fed Induction Machines for Wind Turbine Applications", July 2012.

  10. Yanwen Mao, Thesis title: "Power electronic interface for off-grid solar powered energy storage", October 2012.

  11. Aishwarya Ray, Thesis title: "Investigating the use of Switched Reluctance Machines for e-bike applications", May 2013.

  12. Yingguang Sun, Thesis title: "Design and Modeling of a Hydrostatic drivetrain for Automotive Applications", July 2013.

  13. Geng Niu, Thesis title: "Design and Development of a Drivetrain Test Bench for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles", November 2013.

  14. Dimitrios Thiakos, Thesis title: "Battery/Ultra-Capacitors for Hybrid Electric Vehicles", March 2014.

  15. Markus Bender, Thesis title: "Design and Implementation of a Digitally Controlled DC/DC Resonant Converter", May 2014.

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